2016 Forecast Public Art Grant Recipient for "Unsighted"

Still from  Unsighted

Still from Unsighted

This Summer I studied abroad for the first time in Italy.  I went to Italy with one mission- to create a project centered around the turmoil between Black Americans and the police.  I love being in new creative spaces where I am challenged to look at my work from a new perspective.

Although photography has been my main medium for so long, I have always felt that there is so much inside that I want to express in many visual forms and my project Unsighted is proof of just how strong my voice can be when expressed through other mediums. While in Italy, I created my first short experimental film  Unsighted.  Unsighted explores the many layers of tension that have exploded in recent months here in the US between the police and Black Americans.  

Once I created this video,  I wanted to show it in a public space and now with the help of Forecast Public Art, I am on my way to doing just that.  I have been named one the Forecast Public Art 2016 Grant Recipients for the Mid-Career Professional Development Grant!

I am so excited to be awarded this grant for my first short film and even more excited to share it with you in the near future!