The Streets Are Talkin’ is a multi-sensory project comprised of audio interviews and portraits of subjects I approach on the streets of racially charged events like the aftermath of the police shooting deaths of unarmed Black men, Jamar Clark and Philando Castile, in the Twin Cities. This project focuses on a community at a confluent tipping point of race and injustice as explored through photography and sound. My subjects for this project include activists, protest participants, family members and friends of the deceased, concerned mothers of Black boys, community leaders and bystanders. To encompass a broader range of perspectives, I began photographing select subjects in spaces of their choosing- homes, parks, etc. In this work, I explore the psychology of portraiture and the power it has to communicate something larger about the person and their existence in society. In the audio component of The Streets Are Talkin’, each participant communicates their vulnerability, fear, strength, and hope in their own words, thereby reclaiming ownership of their narrative.