What's Inside

Blogs are everywhere and there are blogs for everything but not all blogs are purposeful or insightful.  For years, I did not see the purpose of having a blog but for one's own self gratification.  In recent years, however, I have come across some blogs that are filled with great information and insight into ideas that I would have otherwise been oblivious to.  Ones that were less about what someone had for breakfast and more about what inspires them to be better.

I have often been asked about why I create the photographs that I do and the answer is that I am inspired by so many things past and present that it is difficult to contain it all.  My mind is constantly taking and recycling information from photographs that I have taken, music that I have heard, people that I have met, and places that I have been.  Inside is a look into my cyclical mind.  Sometimes my writings will have to with my photographic work, and other times it will not.  I may post once a month or even once a year, but all pieces will come directly from me.  With this blog, I invite you to take a look inside...


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